Tip on buying Stainless Steel Travel Mug inserts.

Hello all.  This is my first post…….I hope you find it interesting or useful.

Many Woodturners make wooden Travel Mugs, that is; 16 oz. stainless steel inserts with a sealing stainless lid.  Said Travel Mugs are one of the first things I learned to make and you will see many of them listed for sale here

However this isn’t information on how to make them as much as to how to source the liners. Most wood turning stores, online or otherwise, stock the liners with lid for around $10.00 plus shipping and that is fine, for them.  Not so much for the casual turner who has already created more mugs than his relatives and friends can use. 

I spent some time trying to find a less expensive source and found a guy online who sells, among other things, a Blue Plastic tumbler with a Stainless Steel insert and lid for, on my last order, $3.50 + shipping.  I usually order 20 at a time and it runs around $75.00 or $80.00 delivered, or under $4.00 each delivered. They each come in a white box and are enclosed in a plastic sleeve.  So that is a bonus when you sell/ship a finished mug.

When I get them I open each one and take the plastic shell off.  It takes about 60 seconds to unscrew the small screw in the bottom that holds the shell on, and holding the top in the palm of your hand, “puff” just a little air in the hole left by the screw and you have a “$10.00” Stainless Steel insert for your trouble and $4.00 cost vs. $10.00 is a pretty sweet deal.

Note:  Interestingly enough you can buy the 16 oz. stainless inserts by themselves without the plastic cover from the same guy for $7.00 or so + shipping.     Hmmmmm?

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